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Oneida, Te


United States of America

Main War

Vietnam War


Elcaney Llewallen Stanley served in the military service during the Vietnam War. He is an honorable veteran and still carries wounds with him from that service. He was proud to serve his country.



Starved, broken and bruised, they were prisoners of war
Suddenly a knock they heard quietly at their door
Soldiers of Special Forces lifting them off the floor
Appearing out of the dark, in number there were four

Highly skilled and trained they face insurmountable tasks
Faces painted black, camouflaged and wearing masks
Known for flying choppers, moving quietly on the ground
Swimming under the water not making a single sound

Soldiers, sailors and airmen in white, navy and green
Soldiers of Special Forces working quietly behind the scene
Decisive special missions set these elite apart
Performing what seems impossible from the very start

Independent warriors known to work in small groups
Doing whatever they can to assist American troops
Trained to react quick using skillful minds
In the middle of combat zones well behind enemy lines

Soldiers with great experience working to retrieve their own
Striving with all their might to bring all the soldiers home
Known for shining the spotlight on others and not themselves
Heroes in their own right wanting no credit shown

No badges, no awards, no pictures on the front page
Soldiers fighting for freedom a war of hate and rage
Searching for missing soldiers, rescuing prisoners of war
Helping others survive is their greatest reward

Being in the limelight is not one of their traits
Successfully completing their missions is what it usually takes
Working to achieve the impossible leaving no soldiers behind
These are Unseen Heroes working quietly behind the line


We have war letters and notes for US Navy, Army, Air Force and Marines along with any US Ally service men and women.