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Adger Pace Jeffers


Robbins, Te


United States of America

Main War

World War II


Adger Pace Jeffers served in the United States Navy and was on board ship at Pearl Harbor when the bombing occurred. This was my Daddy and he passed away as a result of developing an enlarged heart while serving his country. He was 36 years old when he left us. I barely got to know him but I loved him dearly. He gave his all serving his country.




Silence filled the air as I stared straight ahead
At the sound of the bugle tears I began to shed
This was the final goodbye to a son I loved so true
Now resting in front of me covered in red, white and blue
A lump in my throat silence fell again
The next thing I heard was the final rifle salute
Carefully folding the flag placing it in trembling hands
In front of us stood soldiers proudly following commands

Slowly lowering my head I recalled that special day
My son walked up to me and said Dad I’m going away
We talked a long time and he told me his plans
My little boy grew up now a strong young man
He said Dad when you were young you went off to war
You came back a hero flying planes where eagles soar
I thought about the times I watched him as a child
Playing toy soldiers their war seemed so mild

He marched with such pride I couldn’t help but smile
If we could only talk today for just a little while
Stationed far away we talked whenever we could
He said he was doing fine and asked if things were good
The last time we spoke I recall something special he said
Dad today we were ambushed, soldiers were hurt, some are dead
We did our job today and then he proudly said
I reported back to command Mission Accomplished Sir

Not so long ago a soldier he wanted to be
My son gave his all fighting for you and me
No fear in his voice he said Dad I want to be like you
This is the Final Goodbye to a son I loved so true


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