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"The Bugle Call"

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United States of America

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Afganistan War


Dedicated to ALL soldiers and military personnel. You are in our thoughts and prayers.


The Bugle Call

The Bugle Call

Growing up as children I said to my sons each night
“Lights out boys, sleep tight, don’t let the bed bugs bite”
Time to rest their heads, tomorrow again they’d play
I knew they understood, it was the end of another day

Blessed with musical talents their lives had just begun
Playing musical instruments they had a barrel of fun
Today I recall listening to my three sons
Staring straight at me my nineteen-year-old said

Mom I’ve joined the Army becoming a soldier is my dream
I want to serve my country and play the bugle too
One day my son called home excitement in his voice
He said Mom my practice paid off I was chosen to play ‘Taps’

Proud of his accomplishment the bugle he was going to play
Giving a ‘lights out’ signal to the end of a soldier’s day
Overlooking this glorious hillside white stones is all I see
Soldiers who gave their lives so others could be free

I’ve lost my bugle player but a bugle I still hear
Recognizing the melody I hear each note so clear
A uniquely beautiful song with such a haunting call
Its echoes linger in our hearts like the sounds of a waterfall

It takes about a minute for ‘Taps’ to be played
Asking for strength and courage I bowed my head and prayed

My young son plays his bugle with angels all around
Now a soldier on the Lord’s team he’s playing beautiful sounds
Proudly serving his country he bravely gave his all
Playing his bugle in Heaven I can hear the Bugle Call


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