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"Tribute to a Vietnam Vet"

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Don Graham


Tulsa, Ok


United States of America

Main War

Vietnam War



Tribute to a Vietnam Vet

Bullets whiz around me
As I bury in this field
I see a wounded comrade
And move to act as shield

Covering his mangled body
I provide the cover fire
I see his violent injury
And try to save his life

Holding him together
I'm praying we'll be saved
Night creeps in around us
And eventually becomes day

Guns still explode around us
But I see help is on it's way
A helicopter lands nearby
An escape is to be made

Adrenalin surges through me
As I heft the man and run
The chopper's our salvation
If I get us there we're done

Every step is in slow motion
As I watch the bullets pass
We finally reach our savior
The motors start to blast

Flying out and away
I'm numb from the ordeal
That we have just survived this
Is definitely surreal

My comrade he survives
Through injuries severe
I never got to know him
It would take many, many years

We "met" again at a reunion
He knew just who I was
Humbled and emotional
He embraced me in a hug

One of my best friends now
A staple in my life
Respecting what we went through
We don't mention that tough time

Because it's hard for me now
To speak of those we lost
I will not ever talk about
My time in Vietnam?


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