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WarNotes Entry Page
This page is where you can enter a Note, Poem, Thank you, Letter, or Email to one of your War Heroes.

A valid email address is required to post tribute notes at WarNotes. We only accept family readable notes. We do not accept certain notes containing certain representations of sex, suicide, murder, and other graphic war content). We understand that we are a website that is here for a very serious and usually gloomy topic, war, but our intent is to be a historical tribute to War Heroes. Thus, any submissions can be declined at the sole discretion of the operators of the website.

Also, we are a United States website and our main intent is to be a tribute to the US Military men and women and Ally military men and women who have and continue to bravely engage in these wars as they have arisen throughout history.

Fill out the following information and click the Save Note button below.

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